Pavel V. Zasimov


M.Sc. in Chemistry, 2019, Chemistry Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University (with exellence)

Опыт работы:

Laboratory of High Energy Chemistry, Chemistry Department, MSU:

2015 – 2019 Student

2019 – present PhD student

1.04.2016 – 31.12.2016 – Technician

1.03.2018 – 10.08.2020 – Thecnician

11.08.2020 – 31.12.2021 – Engineer, Laboratory of Chemical Physics of f-elements, Chemistry Department, MSU

17.01.2022 – present – Laboratory assistant, Laboratory of Dosimetry and Environmental Radioactivity, Chemistry Department, MSU

Scientific interests: radiation chemistry, matrix isolation, EPR and vibrational spectroscopy, experimental astrochemistry, quantum chemitry, radiation physics, X-ray spectroscopy (XANES, HERFD-XANES, EXAFS, RIXS), theoretical modeling of x-ray absorption and emission spectra, pair distribution function method (PDF), synchrotron methods for studying materials, f-element chemistry

Publications: 8 articles

Presentations: 9 presentations at all-Russian and international conferences

P: +7-495-9394368


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